Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who Burnt my Barbie?

When I was younger, a former boyfriend of mine melted and resculpted a Barbie head for me because well, I hated Barbie and he was an artist who liked to distort things. I still have that Barbie head, which incidently looks almost identical to this picture of Nicole Kidman. Really, it does. They both have giant bobbleheads, perky pony tails, dead eyes, a smile that is permanently plastered on their faces, and skin that looks like it's crying. That poor baby of hers is going to grow up thinking her mother is Red Fraggle. But the good news is she could play racket ball against her face and she wouldn't feel a thing. She probably can't stand near an open flame, but everyone's got their kryptonite.


ChicChickory said...

You know my dad asked me just this past weekend..."What the hell happened to Nicole Kidman's face?!? I had no answer for him. In fact, I was a bit shocked that my dad even cared about such frivolities as celebrities and their bad hack jobs.

Nicole was such a beautiful woman...Why, Nicole?!? Why!?!?!?

Mrs. M. said...

She was such a beautiful woman! Remember how hot she was in "To Die For"? Stunning! I don't know why these beautiful women screw with their natural beauty. Look at Monica Bellucci-that woman has wrinkles but she looks flawless. Certainly more beautiful than 99% of Hollywood. Maybe it's an American thing-fighting off aging?

ChicChickory said...

Well, they say women have a harder time keeping work in Hollywood when they reach a certain age, but I would have thought Nicole's talent alone would have kept her in business to where she didn't have to resort to facial botulism. Such a shame. She's now joined the likes of Meg Ryan, Madonna, and Jenna Jameson of the "OMG! WTF did you do to your face!" Club.

I thought she was most beautiful in Dead Calm before she was known as The Nicole Kidman....and don't get me started on Billy Zane's hotness in that film!

Mrs. M. said...

I didn;t realize how bad Madonna really looked until I saw her on Britney's "For the Record" and I was shocked. She looked...not good. She honeslt scared me a little. I would not want to run into that in a dark alley. (Besides the fact that if I did, she could pick up a car and throw it on me)

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