Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who They Calling Chunky?!?

Outrageous! I was browsing the web, and I happened along a certain semi-popular site that had the absolute gall to call Fergalicious Fergie "chunky". The nerve! While it is true that the singer has gained about 13 lbs for her role in the upcoming movie NINE, she is FAR from fat. In fact, I'm sure that the asshole who wrote that is 600 lbs and can't even see their own dick. You can say a lot of things about Fergie, but one thing you can't say is that she is fat or chunky or anything of that nature. Especially considering she probably spends more time in a gym during one day than most people do in a year. She is always in tip top shape, so who are we to throw some stones at her for gaining a few lbs? Even if it's not for a movie!
Maybe I'm especially sensitive because I can emphathize with Fergles and the rags always speculating about a pregnancy bump. I'm about the same size as her, and believe me, 5 lbs lost or gained really shows on someone who's 5'2. If I were her, I'd be getting pretty effing sick of everyone saying I look pregnant when I'm just having a little period bloat. Anyway, with or without 13 extra pounds, I think she looks great, and still maintains one of the best bodies in Hollyhood.


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