Friday, December 5, 2008

Your Nightmares Will Be in Black and White Tonight

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's recent photoshoot for New Yok Times Style Magazine reminds me so much of "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari". I can just imagine Katie Holmes escaping her insane asylum aka Bev Hills mansion and telling the tale of how she was hypnotized by the evil Dr. Cruise to T magazine. I will readily admit that these shots look great, but behind the shiny exterior still lies one crazy ass mofo and a chick with a bad case of Stockholmes syndrome.


Johnny Cakes said...

I bet this is really how life at home is...which is why Katie dresses like a ragamuffin on the street.

(And know what I find weird? Why don't ya ever hear about those kids Cruise adopted with Nicole Kidman? What happened to those kids? Either he had them killed once his own Demon Seed was crafted, OR Jolie adopted them.)

Mrs. M. said...

I remember Nicole Kidman saying in an interview that he had basically brainwashed them with all his Scientology business, and they no longer wanted to be around her. (Because she is a heathen Catholic) I guess brain washing isn't quite a good enough reason to sue for custody.

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