Wednesday, January 28, 2009

America's Next Top Anything But Model Cycle 12 Contestants

America's Next Top Model is about to enter into it's 578th cycle, therefore I thought you might want to take a peak at the next crop of girls vying to become America's Next Top Reality Star that Will Quickly Fade Into Obscurity. Now normally, I might pick out who I think is going to go all the way, but let's face it, these chicks aren't judged on their ability to model. They're judged on their ability to entertain. Except for Whitney, who was chosen because Tyra wanted a big boneded girl to win. And don't you even try to refute me. We all know Whitney's got the most broke ass face in the history of Top Model. Now I'm not saying she's ugly. I'm just saying that effed up scrunchy face she makes for the camera haunts my dreams. It's unatural the way she gives face! Anyho, as you can see from the pictures, it's more of the same 'ol, same 'ol. The doe eyed girl from a farm, the sassy black chick from Jersey, the bitchy, self centered biatch who likes to flip her hair and pee on other people's beds, and the token not-fat fat chick. It's pretty much a paint by numbers circus at this point.
That being said, I'll somehow still probably end up watching this mess.

Who smiles like that? Serial killers, that's who.


Emily said...

I lost all hope for that show after about the 2893859302th cycle. The last cycle I watched was the one where Jaslene won; I wanted the crazy Russian chick to win because I thought she was damn hilarious. And Whitney is the worst winner, after Nicole from Cycle 5 of course. I think once they realized they were down to Nik and Nicole, they were like "oh shit what did we do?"

Oh and I frequently have fashion dreams lol. I had one last night where I was fucking blogging!! It's taken over my life!

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