Saturday, January 3, 2009

And Now, Everyone's Favorite DILF

Two words about the latest shot of Christian Bale in the upcoming Terminator Slavation movie: Fuck yes. I will admit, I did not always understand the allure of the Bale. Sure he was alright looking and a great actor, but so what? So are a lot of other people. But then (oh yes, but then), I noticed that this bitch was down for anything. Getting punched in the face, getting dragged twenty miles by a truck, losing 100 lbs for a role-it doesn't matter. He's willing to go there-wherever there may be. He's sexy in that "I can take it" kind of way. Like the Bear Grylls of acting. And I am definetely down for a dude who can get a job done.
Plus there's just something about a man in uniform. Well, not really. I only think that because my husband wears one and it reminds me of sexy time.


ChicChickory said...

I'll fight you for him. :) I LOVE me some Bale!

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