Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ask Men's Top 99 Most Desirable Women List

Today, Ask Men has just released their annual Top 99 Women, as voted upon by their readers. Not suprisingly, constant faves such as Megan Fox, Marissa Miller, Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba all top the list, while suprising newcomers such as Blake Lively the Bland, Leighton Meester, M.I.A., January Jones, and Christina Hendricks all make appearances. Perhaps one of the most hilarious things about this list though, has got to be Angelina Jolie coming in at 42-behind Hayden Panettiere! Hil-fucking-larious! You just know she is going to be soooooo pissed about that. First she loses bigtime at the Golden Globes, now this? She's probably weilding her veiny arms as we speak, talking about who's going to pay and how.
Anyway, the least shocking thing on this list though has got to be that Eva Mendes snagged the number one spot. In fact, the entire time I was typing up this list I kept wondering when her name was going to pop up. I mean, she's no Monica Bellucci (who by the way, came in at #18 thank you very much), but she'll do. Also, I've added some galleries of the top choices. Enjoy!
The Top 99
1.) Eva Mendes
2.) Megan Fox
3.) Marissa Miller
4.) Keeley Hazell
5.) Anne Hathaway
6.) Alessandra Ambrosia
7.) Scarlett Johansson
8.) Rihanna
9.) Kristin Bell
10.) Kate Beckinsale
11.) Heidi Klum
12.) Emanuelle Chrique
13.) Halle Berry
14.) Brooke Burke
15.) Jessica Alba
16.) Jessica Beil
17.) Selita Ebanks
18.) Monica Bellucci
19.) Adriana Lima
20.) Cheryl Cole
21.) Doutzen Krous
22.) Evangeline Lilly
23.) Lucy Pinder
24.) Bianca Baeuchamp
25.) Penelope Cruz
26.) Charlize Theron
27.) Mila Kunis
28.) Gisele Bundchen
29.) Keira Knightley
30.) Olga Kurylenko
31.) Isla Fisher
32.) Misa Campo
33.) Denise Milani
34.) Bar Rafaeli
35.) Christina Aguilera
36.) Summer Glau
37.) Layla Kayleigh
38.) Katy Perry
39.) Stacy Keibler
40.) Odette Yustman
41.) Hayden Panettiere
42.) Angelina Jolie
43.) Zoe Zaldana
44.) Sara Varone
45.) Eva Longoria
46.) Miranda Kerr
47.) Carrie Underwood
48.) Katrina Kaif
49.) Karolina Kurkova
50.) Beyonce
51.) Christina Applegate
52.) Christina Hendricks
53.) Paz Vega
54.) Leighton Meester
55.) Maria Menounous
56.) Elisabeth Hasselbeck
57.) Taylor Swift
58.) Emily Blunt
59.) Blake Lively
60.) Aishwarya Rai
61.) Vanessa Hudgens
62.) Olivia Munn
63.) Dania Ramirez
64.) Katherine McPhee
65.) Nicole Scherzinger
66.) Holly Wbeber
67.) Camille Belle
68.) Audrina Patridge
69.) Julianna Hough
70.) Jessica Simpson
71.) Anna Paquin
72.) Yunjin Kim
73.) Gia Carano
74.) M.I.A.
75.) Danielle Bux
76.) Carla Bruni
77.) Cassie
78.) Anna Farris
79.) Aubrey O'Day
80.) Naomi Watts
81.) Katherine Heigl
82.) Jade Raymond
83.) Maria Sherapova
84.) Carolyn Murphy
85.) Sarah Shahi
86.) Leryn Franco
87.) Torrie Wilson
88.) Leona Lewis
89.) Nadine Velazquez
90.) Britney Spears
91.) Danica Patrick
92.) Alicia Keys
93.) Emma Stone
94.) Sophie Monk
95.) Elisabeth Banks
96.) Ina Ivanovich
97.) Tina Fey
98.) January Jones
99.) Kate Winslet

Eva Mendes

Megan Fox

Halle Berry

Anne Hathaway


Emily said...

I LOVE the Anne Hathaway pics! And yeah, a huge ass shopping spree at any thrift or vintage store would be hella terrific!!

Akeelers said...

How come all the stupid types are hovering around the top of this list?

And the dingo is #46? Clearly she's not as "stunningly beautiful" as her shippers make her out to be.

Daners Isadora a.k.a Busty St. Clair said...

Ew, why is Elisabeth Hasselbeck on that list. And why is Kate Winslet number 99!!! She should be numero uno. Right where she belongs

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