Friday, January 16, 2009

Blake Lively in Vogue is Boring as Hell

You see this whole mess? It is putting me to sleep. In a world full of Dior, Blake Lively is Land's End. I know this is probably going to sound harsh, but there is nothing special about this chick. Blonde hair, blue eyes, same stale cookie cutter expression that all Hollywood twats have. She's totally average at best. In fact, if I didn't have her Gossip Girl ass being shoved down my throat every five seconds, I wouldn't be able to tell her from any other Miss America contestant, movie extra, or Subway employee. She's expressionless, boring, and mediocre. And you just know she probably has the whole "I'm better than you because I star on a hit show" kind of attitude. She just seems like the type. Trust me, this girl is at the height of her career. She'll never be anything more than "that chick on Gossip Girl" who will probably only go on to do some shitty reality shows. Mark my word. She's Maureen McCormick 2.0.


Sophie S said...

Amen! Cookie cutter is the exact phrase. Nothing even remotely original or unique about her. Even the name "Blake Lively". Sounds like the heroine from one of Judy Blume's teen novels.

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