Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bless the gods! LOZ has Been Found!!!

I have been tapping my toes lately, waiting with baited breath to find our precious Little Orphan Zoe. I searched every boho coffee house on beat poetry night, I left wonton crumb trails ala Hansel & Gretel, I even posed as a bartender at The Gutter hoping that LOZ would stumble in asking for a gimlet. But no such luck! Then, as soon as I stop looking, she shows up at Sundance for a filming of "The Greatest" looking like Sacagawea at a Ben Harper show. I love it!
Gus & Jaq must have been working their tiny little mouse hands to the bone weaving up this confection. And while I must admit that her hair is shiny and it appears that she's bathed this week, she does look as if she smells like moth balls, Beacon's Closet and Bali Shag, so I'm willing to let the clean hair slide.


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