Saturday, January 10, 2009

Britney Spear's Official Circus Tour Wardrobe

Designers Phillipe And David Blond were tapped not too long ago to design Britney's complete wardrobe for the highly anticipated Circus tour. And by the looks of things, they are not going to disappoint. Brit wore a Blond corset on the inside of her Circus album and she loved the look so much, she insisted they create custom outfits for her tour. A Blond source says, "They will only be designing for Britney's tour outfits and not any of her dancers. They are super excited about this project." And Spears insiders claim the singer is working extra hard in the gym so she can complete an energetic live show wearing the Blonds' "extremely heavy" outfits. In fact, the duo is so determined to create a show stopping, jaw dropping spectacle that "They may even be making her a Swarovski crystal mask to match one of the corsets for the tour."
I think it goes without saying that the designers definetly hit a home run. These outfits are not only totally reflective of the new album, but are tailored to fit Brit's style. Can't you see her in every single one of these creations? And let's not even talk about the ridiculous attention to detail in each outfit. Everything looks magnificent and I am totally jealous that I do not own these outfits.


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