Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Case of a Pushing Daisies Movie and the Unairable Remaining Episodes

I have not been the same since my beloved Pushing Daisies was given the brutal ax, but I expected at the very least that ABC would air the remaining three episodes that remained in the second season. However, since ABC are a bunch of asshole bitches (sorry, I'm mad), they might opt not to air the rest of the episodes. I suppose because they are too busy perpatrating epic masterpieces such as The Bachelor, According to Jim, and Extreme Desperate Supernanny Beauty Swap. It seems that I'm not the only person pissed about the snub. Daisies star Kristin Chenoweth is also fuming about the exclusion of the final few episodes, but insists creator Bryan Fuller isn't pushing the network. "It's way too good to push on somebody," she said. "You either air it and let the world see it or — you know, that show, I'm sorry if it sounds arrogant, but it's the best thing ever." (True that, sister.)
Fuller has both hinted at the possiblity of finishing the series either via comic book, or in a full length feature movie. If the flick goes ahead, Chenoweth says she's in — and she believes her Daisies castmates would be as well. "I'm sure that Bryan Fuller wouldn't do it without the six main characters," she said. "Paul Reubens was a big part of it — we have certain guest stars that are standouts that we'd want back. But he has such a great idea for it. ... We all want to." As for Fuller, he's returning to Heroes, his former show, and (are you ready because this is truely the cat's meow). has written a part for Daisies alum Swoozie Kurtz! Chenoweth, meanwhile, is moving on to David E. Kelley new legal pilot, Legally Mad. "My character is Skippy Pylon — I love the name — she's the smartest lawyer in the firm, but she's insane. She's crazy. So it'll be very different from Olive. It's also going to be very fun for me to play that kind of part — someone who will just let a judge have it."
I swear to God, if they don't air the final episodes or at least get this movie popping, I am going to lose my shit. For real.


AsianCajuns said...

I am completely with you. This is the first I've heard about them not airing the last few episode - that's BS! I'm still going through Pushing Daisies withdrawal :(.

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