Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Charlie's Angels 3: It's Motherfuckin' On

Drew Barrymore has stated for the record that a third Charlie's Angels is on like Donkey Kong. No word yet on whether or not Cammie D and Lucy Liu will sign on for another sequel, but who cares 'bout them bitches? The important thing is that Drew's Flower Films partner (and Jimmy Fallon's wife) Nancy Juvonen has stated that Crispin Glover may reprise his role as Thin Man! Here's an excerpt from a recent interview with Juv:
Juvonen: The Thin Man almost could never die. Is he alive in the first place? I'm not even sure. It's going to be hard to say how the sword went through him and then pierced Seamus O'Grady.
Reporter: Oh, it missed all the vitals.
Juvonen: Look at you. We should take off right from there. I think we could get away with anything, but I feel like you know what you love, but I think you also have to make some turns there. I think there's a great challenge in "Do you want to take over the universe or ruin the world?" It's sort of not practical so much. Bond goes into remote countries. 24's in a remote country. It's sort of: What's the next great foil? I think that with Drew's character, she fell in love with the villain. If you think about, "Oh, you could do that," we've kind of like done, done, done [everything]. We did a lot in the first one and gazillions in the second one.
Listen, this shit could takeplace in freakin' Sheboygan for all I care. So long as Crispin Glover is in, so am I. Actually, to be quite honest I would be in no matter what. I don't care what anyone says, the Charlie's Angels movies are suggary sweet cotton candy fun.
I'm also going to go ahead and say they should most definetly bring back Justin Theroux. His portrayl of Seamus O'Grady was Oscar-worthy. Ok, maybe not his performance, but his body most definetly was. He hands down wins the award for hottest piece of ass in a motion picture. And to see what I mean, just click


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