Monday, January 5, 2009

Eddie Izzard is the Man

I say this as if you don't know how amazingly awesome the Izzard is. But just to really drive the point home, here's a little story of our favorite crossdresser and how he totally made the year of one of his fans. It all started when Will Pike, a 28 year old victim of the Mumbai terror attacks in November, jumped from a rope he made out of bedsheets in order to save his girlfriend and escape his attackers. Fortunately Pike lived, but he broke three of his vertebrae, both his arms and shattered his pelvis. As of now, he cannot even move his legs. His injuries unfortunately meant that he could not make it to Izzard's show at the Lyric Theatre in London last month, which he had tickets to. Nigel Pike, the victim's father, wrote Izzard a letter, asking if he could please send a note to his son to cheer him up. Well, the comedian decided he could do better than that, so he ended up making his hot way down to Will's sterile room in one of London's spinal chord units and performed his entire 90 minute show. Nigel Pike, although reluctant to speak about the performance, told The Times that Izzard’s unexpected appearance was a “great thing to do” for his son. As for Eddie Izzard, his spokeswoman said that the visit was a private affair and declined to comment further.
Can you believe that? A celebrity does something good and doesn't call the paps to document it? In fact, they refuse to even talk about it at all? How delightful! Although not suprising, seeing as how Eddie Izzard seems like a genuinely cool, down to earth kind of dude. In fact, Izzard's charm is so magnetic and infectious, that even my uberuber conservative grandfather who worships the ground Ann Coulter walks on absolutely loves him and finds him hysterical. But that's just how things are when you're as hot as Eddie Izzard. Everyone loves you because you are just that damn fabulous.


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