Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grace Jones in V Magazine Issue 57 Spring 2009

What can I even say but perfection?!? The original HBIC graces (no pun intended, really) us with her presence in the latest issue of V Magazine. The diva wears a very Columbia ala Rocky Horror hat and some vicious gold eyebrows while clenching a ciggie in her holy teeth. Vicious! This creature just knocks me out every single time. There is no one that can give face quite like Ms. Jones. She's sexy, intriguing and dangerous, and I love it. And, in my humble opinion, there is nothing hotter than a little gender bending done right. She mixes the masculine with the femine flawlessly and will definetly go down in history as one of the top 3 models of all time. Mark my word.


The Dark Bohemiian said...

grace jones is just so disturbing !!
she scares me a lil ^^ !!

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