Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hell to the Yes! A Dame Edna Cosmetics Line!

When I say the words "glamour", "elegance", "beauty" and "timelessness", what comes to mind? If you said Dame Edna, than you are correct! The world's favorite drag queen (Eddie Izzard doesn't count 'cause he's not full time), has teamed up with MAC cosmetics to create a new line of makeup for women and trannies everywhere. The glamazon launched her brand at David Jones’ Sydney city store on Friday, greeting the masses by waving her glorious arms yelling “Hello possums, hello darlings!” Like the Dame herself, you can expect the colors in her line to be just as eclectic and vivid as she is, boasting titles lsuch as Kanga Rouge and Possum Nose Pink. “The colour on my eyes is Varicose Violet" said Edna "and it’s inspired by my mother’s legs,”
But as always, things weren't all work and no play with Dame Edna. In fact, she informed the crowd that has entered the baby buying business. “I have just adopted a baby, a lovely little chocolate-coloured kiddie, from a spooky place in Africa called chlamydia. I got it from the same village that Madonna shops for her loved ones.” Ooooh, I would say that Dame better watch her ass, seeing as how Madge has tickets to the gun show and all, but I think D.E. could totally throw the smack down. Madge ain't got shit on the Dame.


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