Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Hate You Camila Alves, Part 576,433

By now I hope that you know when I say "I hate you Camila Alves", what I really means is "I am ridiculously jealous of you, Camila Alves." Not only does this woman have the dream body (months after popping out a baby no less), but she requires zero makeup to look flawless and has an easy, happy-go-lucky personality to match. In other words, she's my definition of the perfect woman. She's completely unpretentious and you just know all she needs is a margarita, a bag of tortilla chips, and a beach and she'll be as happy as a clam. She seems so damn easy going and probably never complains because she's one of those "other people have it so much worse" kind of gals. She also seems like the type to never talk shit about other women, instead choosing to uplift them, telling them that they're beautiful and talented and smart while remaining completely sincere. I bet she even popped that kid out without so much as a "fuck!!!!" She probably just sat there knitting or reading Yoga Today, circling helpful suggestions that her loved ones might be able to use. Damn you Camila Alves! Why you gotta be so perfect? You're making the rest of us look bad.


mama maria said...

Yeah, she makes me jealous too. It's truly sickening to look that good even if you didn't just give birth.
Aren't you thrilled we have our new president finally??

Mrs. M. said...

Totally thrilled! And I know you are too!

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