Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Will Kick Anne Hathaway's Ass For That Outfit

I will. I totally will. Ms. Hathaway stepped out with Kate Hudson last night for the premiere of their new movie "Bride Wars" in the hottest little number I've seen this year. Sure the year is only a few days old, which is why I can make such a statement with confidence. Slim cigarette pants, a fitted black blazer, lace bustier, sock hop Barbie hair and statement heels? Bitch please. You better work that shit or I will. I know it's a simple look, but who says you need to put bells and whistles and bedazzle something all to hell? A little goes a long way. Besides, this is not only an amazing outfit, but it's totally timeless. You could wear this same thing 40 years from now and it would look just as hot.


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