Friday, January 23, 2009

Is Hugh Hefner Back With His Estranged Wife?

With all the hoopla surrounding The Girls Next Door, I almost completely forgot that Old Man Hefner is still married! The mogul got hitched to 1989's Playmate of the Year and mother of his two sons Kimberly Conrad in 1989, and while they seperated 10 years later, they never actually got divorced. In fact, although Conrad still lives on the Mansion Grounds, she usually only steps foot inside the Playboy Mansion during Tuesday Family Nights. So it was no doubt a suprise when ex-wifey showed up for movie night at the Mansion last week and got cozy with her semi-ex.
Conrad has said in the past that she tries not to think about the barely legal chicks Old Man Hefner usually is skeezing on saying “I don’t care about them (Hef’s other companions). They actually try to avoid me." Hmmm... I wonder why.
An insider says that Conrad and OMH will always have a bond that no high school droupout can break. “They still have a very special connection, you can see that when Hef looks at her. This upset Holly (Madison) a lot, as she really did want to marry Hef and have a family with him, but she realized it was never going to happen and that’s when she left,” said the source.
I bet they do have a special connection-a connection called MONEY. Can you even imagine if she divorced his ancient ass? She's have more money than Angelina Jolie, Bill Gates and Jesus combined! And let's not even get started on a little thing called child support. Hef will never, ever, never let her ass go. Mark my words.


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