Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Freaky Bitch Bale's Birthday Today.

Thanks to the absolute outpouring of feedback I got regarding the other days post on Gerard Butler (on both here and The Insider), I now know where all of your hearts lie: In you pants. And I love you for that. And becasue I love you, I thought it necessary to create a picture post on the biggest DILF on the face of the planet, Christian Bale in honor of his 35th birthday today. Besides, with all the strictly female hotness for Slacker Chic of the Week, I thought you guys might be able to use a little testosterone.
Anyway, as we all know, C.Bale loves going to extremes. Be it through physical aspects (wielding a chainsaw, pistol whipping someone, becoming an ano insomniac, getting dragged by a truck, etc.) or psychological (his performance as Arthur in Velvet Goldmine is not to be missed), Bale is always willing to go there. And as fine as his ass is, we are more than happy to go there with him. And since Freaky Bitch Bale switches up his look in nearly all his films, there's a Bale for everybody's taste. Personally Reign of Fire Bale is my favorite, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for beards and dudes who can get down with the get down. Which he certainly does. Furthermore, you can just tell that Freaky Bitch Bale is hella good with the business. All the business. Probably shit we've never even heard of. I can just tell. He reaks of sex so much that I can smell him from here. Anyway, happy birthday you freaky, freaky bitch. I'm sure your lovely lucky wife has something special planned for you. Like a punch in the face. You know that's what he really wants. Freaky bitch.
And despite the fact that sadly, you are not hitched to FBB, I present to you this gallery, to inspire you to think of all the ways you'd wear his ass out.

*clicky clicky on the smaller pics for full sized Bale hotness*


ChicChickory said...

Mmm-Mmm-MMM! Looks like a picked a perfect day to come back and stalk your blog again. I LOVE me some Bale!

mama maria said...

Man, you have good taste!!!!!!

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