Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Iz Hard to Kiss Boys?

Joey Fatone probably needs to learn to just shhhh his mouth. Maybe take the foot out of it and just hush. During the SAG Awards, the former In Sync member went on and on and on and on again with James Franco about the actor playing a gay man in "Milk". He insistantly asks him how challenging it was, how difficult it must have been, and if more dudes hit on him now. Franco, obviously used to people asking dumb questions was pretty cool about it, basically laughing it off.
The way I feel about it (and probably the way Franco feels also because he just seems like this kind of dude), is that being straight and kissing a dude on camera is the exact same as kissing someone of the opposite sex that you're not attracted to. You just know that kissing Vince Vaughn for Four Christmases made Reese Witherspoon want to pound her face in, but she hung and there and did her job. My point is, you do not have to want to put it to everyone you work with when you're an actor. You just find some chemistry-straight or no straight-and just do your job. End of story.


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