Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jeremy Piven Plays Games with Girls

I say girls, not women, because anyone who puts up with this trash is obviously not mature enough to be called a "woman". According to sources, Entourage star Jeremy Piven meets women at clubs and has them compete to sleep with him. “He’s a numbers boy." says a source close. "He gathers up girls’ numbers when he’s out. That night, he sent out a mass text to everyone he’d met, saying, ‘Come to my room - whoever responds first gets me for the night.’”
For this week it seems, the Piv has laid low on the tour de tramps, exclusively dating 23 year old model Ashley Chontos whom he met at Britney Spear's bday party.
According to pals of Chontos, Piven is so crazy about the SUNY Binghamton dropout that he’s even planning on taking her ass to the Golden Globes. For the past four ceremonies, he brought his mother, Joyce, but now he’s said to have arranged to fly Chontos to the West Coast on January 10th.
Although he seems content for the week with the girl, a snitch says the ex-Choice Model was actually runnerup for the actor’s affections. “Jeremy met several girls at Britney’s birthday party,” the source says. “He was really interested in a model who happens to be Ashley’s direct competition, but he was so insistent in his pursuit that he freaked her out. She stopped returning his calls, so he settled for Ashley in the long run.”
Uh, why must Jeremy Piven be such a douche? I want to like him-I really do. I loved watching him meet gurus and go to ashrams in India on the Travel Channel's "Journey of a Lifetime". I thought he seemed like a pretty cool dude capable of a more complicated thought process than pin the tail on the ho. But then he goes and does gross shit like this, and all love is lost. He really needs to fight the douchery within. It's a definete problem.


ChicChickory said...

No one can play a douche-bag so brilliantly without being one in real life. :) It's definitely a love/hate relationship with him.

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