Monday, January 19, 2009

Joaquin Pheonix's Rapping is Just as Bad as I Thought it Would Be

Scratch that. Joaquin Pheonix's rapping is worse than I thought it would be. Much worse. And that's really saying something. Recently the actor has said that he is quitting acting to pursue a rap career. Casey Affleck has been following Joaquin around the country in order to perserve his shitiness on film for an upcoming documentary. As I've said before, Casey is obviously no good friend of Joaquins, because friends don't let friends look like homeless men who pee on the street and live in an alley, while throwing everything they are good at away in order to do something they're very, very awful at. Don't get me wrong, I am the very first person who encourages others to pursue their passions. However there's a fine line in taking risks trying to do something that you are either good at or can get good at, and leaving everything behind for some pie in the sky dream. I mean, he's just terrible! And such a cliche! Way to set white rappers back 100 years, Joaquin.
Oh, and just in case you're thinking the first one was so bad that you simply cannot watch the anymore, he falls off stage in the second one. Which is both sad, and funny.


Future Man said...

...but he's an ARTIST!

Pienovski said...

this is really bad... agree with you: there is a very thin line. I always encourage people to pursue their dreams, but man... this is wrong....

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