Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kendra Wilkinson Appologizes for Speaking the Truth

After talking smack about Old Man Hefner and the Playboy harem, former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson is appologizing for all that she said! Kendra released a statement yesterday saying “I’m more upset at myself with what I said. I’m really bad at interviews, and anyone who knows me knew I meant no harm…I’m a goofball. Mostly, I’m very sorry to have hurt Hef…Playboy made me who I am, and Hef has done more for me than anyone else. In my heart, I will always love Hef and Playboy.”
There are seven shades of bullshit all up in that tiny statement. I believe she sincerely meant it when she basically called Hef a committmentaphobe poly perv who she rarely had to sling it to. I believe she is probably a good person at heart, and was taken advantage of by a sleazy old man with money. I mean she was 18 when she met him. Barely out into the world when this 955 year old comes creeping up with a fistful of money and a whole lot of promises.
Also, I know she's only 23, but she definetly needs to learn to just say what she means and leave it at that. She should have been all "Yeah, you heard my ass correctly. I just said Hef was a gross, stingy old man. And what? Is he going to come over here and 'handle' me? I'll just kick his walker down." Then again, I wouldn't be suprised if Hef hired a rack of thugs and lawyers to come and check her ass, lest she want to be swiming with the fishies.


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