Sunday, January 25, 2009

Madonna in February's W Magazine Makes Me Feel Icky

Would someone please hold me and wipe away my river of tears while ringing up the nearest shrink? These pics of the Material Granny in the February 2009 edition of W Magazine are making me extremely uncomfortable. Although, I must admit that I'm actually sort of afraid to speak ill of Madge. You know her army of gays are some devout bitches who can resort to some violent means, and the last thing I want to do is get into a catfight with a bitchy queen. I'd be spitting in the face of my fellow hags everywhere. So in an attempt to not rock the boat, I'll just state that Madonna looks like a delicate flower. That has moss all over it and was just run over by a wood chipper. After being peed on by a dog.
Actually, I suppose that's not really being too compassionate, is it? Then I guess I'll just tell the truth and say Madgers looks like a freshly waxed Gene Hackman after raiding Helen Mirren's naughty drawer. I'm not saying that women over 50 cannot be sexy. I'm just saying they should probably not go around parading their control top panties in public.


AlanaMarie said...

i have to agree, that made me want to vomit. it's time for her to put some clothes on.

Anonymous said...

Only TWO of those photos are for W Magazine. The one of her drinking and the one of her kissing Jesus Lulz. The other less flattering pics are raw, untouched outtakes from the Steve Klein Hard Candy sessions. *cue star/the more you know music*

Anonymous said...

I love all these photos, especially the ones from the "Hard Candy outtakes". Even with wrinkles she looks beautiful!
I hope she is not getting (too) fanatic with beauty corrections because she is getting more beautiful the older she gets.
She is my absolute favorite model.

And why a women should not wear sexy outfits when she´s is still nice to look at? No matter what age. She has a perfect body by hard work, so why she shouldn´t show it?

She was the first lady in music business that turns lingery to "daily outfit" so it´s her credit to do as long as she wants and to dictate the ending. Without Madonna "female music business" would look different.

I totally accept others opinion - FOR SURE!!! - but I am kind of sick always hearing "oh she is fifty, now she has to stop with that things".
Who is telling Hugh Hefner to stop wearing his kidding pyjamas because with his 83 he is little bit too old to be the playboy?

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