Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh. My. Gah.

First off, who invited Linda Hogan to Sundance?!? Didn't anyone tell her that's where they premiere smart people movies and that she would not be able to catch a showing of Mall Cop? Man, I bet she and her 12 going on 65 year old boyfriend were disappointed. Secondly, this outfit. Let's all take a good hard look at it. Matching suede fringe accessories? Check! Matching tackadocious bleach blond hair with dark brown roots showing? Check! Powder Pink Lipstick and orange glow ala Magda in There's Something About Mary? Check and check! If you ask me, these two are made for each other. Who else would go out in public with them looking like this? Let this be a lesson kids. Money does not buy class. You just know Linda Hogan will be wearing this very same thing 20 years from now. In fact, if I just look into my crystal ball, I can clearly see her future...


Future Man said...

Hold on. You mean that is not Hogan's son in the photo? What happened to Hulk/Terry? And if this is a boy-toy, why does he LOOK like Hulk/Terry?

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