Sunday, January 11, 2009

Only 2 More Days to Vote for Slacker Chic in the Weblog Awards!

Hello all my pretty pretties! It's your web mistress Mrs. M reminding you that there are still 2 more days to vote for Slacker Chic as the Best Fashion Blog in the 2009 Weblog Awards. Sure I can't beat they who shall not be named (evidentally no one can), but I can still fight my bitchy little way into the top five, which would be bigger than the battle at Bunker Hill for me. Anyway, I urge you to vote once a day for the next two days by clicking here!!!
And as always, don't forget to cast vote for the brilliantly witty Madam Miaow Says in the Best Culture Blog category
Thanks dollfaces. You are the hottest readers a gal could hope for.
Kisses and Bitchslaps,

Mrs. M


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