Monday, January 26, 2009

Pamela Anderson for Vivienne Westwood

Yes, you indeed read correctly. Despite what you might assume, these are not promos for a new porn by Pam Anderson entitled "Vivienne's Chest Would", but rather an actual fashion ad starring the Playboy Centerfold for famed designer Vivienne Westwood who has clearly lost her damn mind. I mean, I know that Vivs is known for pushing the boundaries of fashion, but this is a bit much. I hate to say it because I really don't have anything personal against Pam, but I just can't see past the tack in these pictures. She's one of the only people on Earth who have the magic powers to turn a gown that costs more than we make in a year into something you might vomit into at the thrift shop.
And in case you think I'm just being mean, I assure you, that picture up at the top is the most flattering, high fashion one out of the bunch. And it still looks like an add for a 900 number in the back of a 99 cent discontinued Hustler wannabe.


Emily said...

Hmm, odd choice of model for her campaign. Then again, she did have her SEX shop way back in the day so I guess it is *somewhat* appropriate?

Belle de Ville said...

Pamela Anderson is a hot mess, but I like the ads.

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