Thursday, January 29, 2009

PETA Defames Queen Ashley and The Other One's Hollywood Star

There the batshit crazy bitches down at PETA are at it again. The glass house residing stone throwers lashed out yet again at fur lovers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen by defaming their joint star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In other words, wearing fur is bad, but defacing private property is totally cool.
While I do think that branding the star with the word "Fur Hags" is obviously illegal, what is most outrageous and criminal in my opinion is that these two have to share a Hollywood star. Queen Ashley is a fashion mogul who is single handidly holding our crumbling economy together through the fast fortune she spends at Starbucks. And what does her twin Daisy Buchanan do besides make guest appearances in movies and television shows and dumpster dive for a rogue vintage scarf here and a discarded headband there? Queen Ashley should get her own star in the same neighborhood as Greta Garbo, John Barrymore and Lucille Ball. The fact that she has to share is a travesty!


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