Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rosario Dawson in Max Magazine

That Rosario Dawson-always doing spreads in magazines I've never even heard of. This time the actress does her thang in the latest edition of Max which is written in Spanish and...well, that's all I really know about the situation. I don't speak Spanish so I'm certainly unaware of the whole interview. Sure I could call one of my Spanish speaking chicas and ask them what the hell all that business says, but that would require a thing called "work", and I am lazy. And what am I supposed to say about the editorial? That she's beautiful? That wouldn't exactly be new information. Maybe I'll just say that she looks like total crap, just to shake things up a bit. And that may dog is staring at the wall. Seriously. Maybe he sees a ghost. You know dogs can sense those things. He's very intuitive, so I wouldn't doubt it.


Trendology said...

she looks gorgeous! i love her!

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