Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sanjaya Malakar "Wrote" A Book

Ok please tell me, how sick to death are you of every last person who has ever had 15 minutes of fame coming out with an autobiography? The kid is only 19 for cripe's sake. How much info can this book possibly hold? "And then, two years ago, I started getting hair in a very special place. Mom says it's just a part of becoming a man..." Maybe if this book was called "Are You There Vidal Sasoon? It's me, Sanjaya." I would buy it. But it's not. Instead it's called "Far From Idle". Do you get it? Do you see what he just did there? A pun. He made a pun. How very clever.
Just like every movie star/singer turned clothing designer, I am appalled at all the singer/reality star/famous hookers that get ghost writers and then claim to have spent many long hours slaving over their bios. First of all, who really cares about what they have to say? After all, we all have problems. Unless you are Drew Barrymore and were in rehab before you hit puberty, you should probably just shut your trap. Secondly, what gives these people enough credibility to put out a book? I'm sure Chopin, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and my personal favorite Charlotte Perkins Gilman are doing backflips in their graves right about now.


Anonymous said...

Um, it's not called "Far From Idle." It's called "Dancing to the Music in My Head." You can see the title in the picture you have there.

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