Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hell to the yes! This is what I am fucking talking about! I thought that I knew what a hot and sexy piece of man meat looked like, but I actually had no idea. Hotness, thy name is Rip Torn's mugshot.
The 77 year old 30 Rock costar plead not guilty Monday to two counts stemming from a Dec. 14 drunken driving arrest. Brad Pitt's twiny twin twin was rung up on charges of illegal operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence and failure to drive in the proper lane after cops caught him cruising the breakdown lane of Route 44 with a Christmas tree tied to the roof of his Subaru. Police say the actor flunked his field sobriety exam and then refused to continue, insisting the ground wasn't level enough. He also refused a breath test. The modern day Adonis is due back in court January 28th.
In 2007, Torn pleaded guilty in a New York court to driving while impaired. He was fined and lost his license. In 2004, a Manhattan jury acquitted him of driving drunk and causing a fender-bender.

Listen, I cannot blame Rip Torn for being loaded. After all, he probably has models from the McKinley era constantly buying him warm milk spiked with Jim Beam and throwing their Depends at him. I heard he's a total animal in the waterproofed sack. And if you don't believe me, I'm pretty sure there's a salacious sex tape floating around that involves a threesome with Bea Arthur and Angela Lansbury. I also hear there's a parakeet and a ficus involved, but I can't be absolutely sure.


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Scandalous Housewife loves nothing more than a delicious hunk of man meat!
Luhh-uvvv! you're pink bobb!

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