Friday, January 23, 2009

Stephanie Tanner's Doing Cocaine Agarin

Jodie Sweetin aka Stephanie Tanner from Full House, has allegedly relapsed again says a snitch. A source on the set of her new movie told The National Equirer (i know, I know) "I watched Jodie Sweetin snort cocaine. The door of the trailer was locked. We knocked on the door for a few minutes, and finally some guy let us in. Jodie was sitting on the couch. After a few minutes of conversation, Jodie announced: 'I have a surprise for you.' She led us to the back of the trailer where there was a white paper plate with a small pile of white powder and a rolled-up $20 bill beside it." The source continued by saying "Jodie said she'd just bought about $50 worth of cocaine from some local guys who'd been hanging out in the seedy neighborhood where we'd been filming. We each took turns cutting a line of coke and then snorting it. I witnessed Jodie snort at least two lines of cocaine."
But get this, although the tattle tale allegedly passed a lie detector test about her accusations, she said this coke snorting incident went down last August. So why bring all this up now? Well the 27 year old actress is due in court February 9th to battle her exhusband Mark Herpin for custody of her 9 month old daughter Zoie. Herpin said that "If Jodie is using drugs I want full custody of Zoie. I'm concerned for our daughter's well-being. Jodie cannot be trusted to make good decisions when she's drunk or high."
Ok let's get a couple of things straight: 1.)If you're going to go run and tell a rag about something illegal your friend allegedly did, you should probably do it right away-not wait almost 6 months. Not only does it not look credible, but it sort of makes you look like a money grubbing whore who would sell your aunt down the river for $5 and a Big Mac. I mean, if this snitch was really concerned about what Stephanie Tanner was doing, she probably should have confronted her or set up and intervention or told the cops. I sure as shit know if I saw one of my friends destroying their lives, the first thing I'd do would not be tell the local paper. 2.) Don't act all self righteous and shit about a friend doing illegal activities if you yourself also participated! Seriously, what is this girl's point? She's a coke snorter too, so let's quit it will all the stone throwing. 3.) If you do have a drug or alcohol problem like Jodie does, I would not advise selling your success story to People and Ok! and everyone that will listen. Because when you relapse, you just look like an irresponsible dumbass. Especially after parading your child around like some sort of trophy claiming that you are now the best mother ever. In fact, drug addict or not, I don't think any celebs should parade their child around like they're the effing messiah. It's tacky. You're basically selling your child to the highest bidder, and that's just gross. I'm sure I had other points, but these people are all so lame, I just don't even care to go on.


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