Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ugh, it's these two again. Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker just cannot quit each other. And no, that's not a Brokeback Mountain dig. I am being serious. These two are like heroin for each other. Just when they've gotten over the withdrawls and shakes and think they are in the clear, the other comes sniffing around and it's back to licking faces and burying their hands in the other's crotch. Yet despite the fact that there's nothing more annoying than a die hard attention whore, I cannot help but secretly adore these two and their addictive relationship. Just look at the way Shanna's gazing at her ex. She's the total smitten kitten. Which leads me to believe that it is he who is the problem here. In all his douchery, he's probably all "I'm a world famous drummer. I can't be tied down and doing dishes and taking the trash out. I need to be out there collecting numbers and STDs from a handful of young, slutty girls who only like me because I'm famous." And Shanna's probably all "I swear to God that was the last time I ever take his sorry ass back! I hate him forever!" Which loosely translates into "Why do I have to be so desperately in love with such a manwhore douchebag? I say this is the last time but really what I mean is I will continue taking him back for as long as he will have me."
I wish these two crazy kids could get it all figured out, but they won't. Shit, they probably broke up and got back together three times just in the time it took me to write this post. I bet they have great sex though. You can just tell by looking at them.


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