Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two Cute People Doing Cute People Things

While my list of people in Hollywood who annoy the living hell out of me is enormously long, two people not on that list are Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson. In fact, I quite like these two. Not only do they manage to keep their public relationship very much private by not spilling every single solitary detail about their love life to any rag that will listen, but they're both good actors. And shouldn't that be what it's all about? I'm especially impressed with Mr. Jackson over here who has managed to do what not many other child stars have done-transition into adult acting gracefully and flawlessly. His portrayl of Peter Bishop on Fringe, one of the best shows on television-is outstanding. Although, I suppose maybe there is some sort of reverse curse when it comes to Dawson's Creek. After all, just look at costars Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams who have done quite well for themselves. Let's not even mention that dude that played Dawson though. I guess the lucky streak from the Creek sort of just skipped right on over him. I bet he's somewhere sobbing right about now.


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