Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two Lovely Lesbians Out on the Town

You just try and tell me that Pete Wentz does not look like he just power tooled his way right on out of The L Word. Bitch looks like he's doing his very best Moira Sweeney after not bleaching her upper lip for a few weeks. While Pete almost has his Indigo Girls act down pat, there is but one flaw in his lesbionic plan. The eyebrows. No self respecting lesbian would ever manicure her brows to that level of perfection. That's manscaping at it's finest. Other than that, he and Ashlee Simpson could've pretty much passed for the newest SamRo and LiLo in town as they rang in their New Year's at Pure. Now if he could only find his chain wallet...


Trendology said...


Happy New Year!

ChicChickory said...

Aww...she lost the red. I was loving that!

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