Thursday, January 22, 2009

Victoria Beckham in February's Vogue Russia

I have one word to describe Victoria Beckham's February editorial in Vogue Russia. And that word is "Meh." Sure she makes the clothes pretty good, but so what? The whole looks rather plain and unexciting. Except for the cover, which just makes her look like a scared Village Person who is afraid of the dark. Besides, isn't the point of Vogue supposed to be to show off extravagent outfits that will take our breath away? This shit is basically all the same crap you see her wearing everyday. If they really wanted to make this something special, they should have put her in some black socks, white running shoes, a fanny pack, an applique sweater with a fuzzy cat on it, and some culottes. Now that I would pay to see.


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