Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Just Know This Bitch Hates Her Job

Now I'm not saying that Kate Hudson's nanny hates children, or that playing on a beach with them is not fun. What I am saying is letting someone else's kids jump all over your back, treating you like a wooden horse while their rich mommy stands over you in an expensive bikini is probably not the most plesant experience you'll ever have. I mean, just look at that poor chick! She's in some oversized tourist t-shirt that probably cost less than one of Kate Hudson's barettes, getting her knees all busted up and for what? It's not like the kid's mother isn't standing right there. Why isn't she doing the dirty work? And what the hell does Kate Hudson (yes I am going to use her whole name every time) need a nanny for when they're just going to the beach? Like she can't handle her own son and nephew? As if watching over them is just too stressful for her. You're at the beach. How stressful can it be? I mean shit, don't break a nail or anything. Ugh, rich people. I will never understand them.


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