Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Barbie Fall 2009 Fashion Show

If you took 1/4 Paris Hilton's wardrobe, 1/4 Pepto Bismal, 1/4 Heatherette and 1/4 of Satan's vomit, what woudl you come up with? Why the Barbie Runway Fashion Show of course! Although I must admit a few of the outfits come out looking not terribly tragic, about 98% of this shit is just hideously tacky and should be disposed of immediately. And those wigs! UGH! Disgusting! Barbie has obviously been hit hard by the economy and resorted to making her own threads by sowing together stolen cast offs from a Drag Queen's trash can and thrift store rejects from 50 year old cat women whose idea of fashion is applique Christmas sweaters. As someone who looks at fashion as an art form and as a means of expressing one's self, this collection hurts not just my eyes, but my heart. To think that anyone-even narcissistic 8 inch tall plastic cokeheads with 72 different occupations ranging from figure skater to physician who live in pink mansions-would ever, ever wear these getups is depressing. Can you believe they wasted a spot at Fashion Week in Bryant Park for this mess?!?


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