Monday, February 9, 2009

Bridget Marquardt Has a New Boyfriend

Following in the footsteps of her Girls Next Door co-stars Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquart has got herself a new man. No word yet on who this mystery dude is, but I think it goes without saying that he's an upgrade. Then again, Andy Dick would be an upgrade from Old Man Hefner. So I suppose that isn't saying much.
Although her new man looks sort of toolish, he does have a Jake Gyllenhaal/Mark Ronson thing going on. And his man business probably isn't out of order like Hef's. So at least she's finally getting to put her hotness to use instead of wasting it on a shriveled old pervbag.


Future Man said...

Who the fuck is Bridget Marquardt?

Mrs. M. said...

She's a Girl Next Door. Basically she's famous for whoring it up for Old Man Hefner. Then again, who isn't these days?

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