Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Colin Farrell is Single & Ready To Mingle

In the last couple of years, reformed wild child Colin Farrell has toned down his crazy ways, trading drinking and philandering for charity work with special needs children, tucking his son James in at night, and spending quiet evenings at home with girlfriend Emma Forrest. However it looks like he'll have to find a new way to spend his time, because he and Emma have split. The pair, which have been dating for over a year, were introduced by Martin McDonaugh, the director of Colin's film In Bruges. Many of his friends were very fond of Emma, even crediting her for the actor's new acquired philosphies on life. "Colin is a changed man." one friend said. "Emma has been a steadying influence." Let's just hope the Irishman doesn't go back to adopting his old ways. As for Emma, I suppose she'll have even more time to spend norousing her writing career. She has already published four books, including the fictional novels Namedropper, Thin Skin and Cherries in the Snow.


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