Monday, February 2, 2009

Erykah Badu Gives Birth, Twitters While in Labor

Hot damn that Erykah Badu is a multi-tasker! While you and I would be busy screaming and ripping our husband's hair out, Earth Mother Erykah Twittered throughout yesterday's birth of her and boyfriend Jay Electronica's baby girls. Here's what she and Jay had to say:
Erykah Badu(earlier this morning) :
morning im in labor
contractions are 3 mins apart….breathing
Jay Electronica:
My daughter is ready. Labor has begun. Everybody standback. No hospitals. No doctors. No medicine. Were waiting on midwife to show up.
I’m doing foot squeezes and foot rubs when the contractions hit. Puma (her five year old daughter) is rubbing her hands.
Ok… The midwife is here now and a few family members. Feels like a scene from the color purple.”
She’s dialated to 8 1/2 centimeters.
Getting closer. She says she feels like she’s ready to push
Feb 1. 2009 my first child, my daughter was born at 1:30 pm exactly. Its the happiest day of my life
First off, let me just say I love Earth Mother Badu. Love her. And it comes as no suprise that she gave birth all nauturale. In fact, I'm suprised she even used a midwife. I would have assumed she'd just set a mirror up and do the dirty business herself.
Also, how much do you want to bet that room smelled like sage, jasmin and patchouli? They were probably sealing doorways with that shit in the hopes that baby girl would come into the world protected of evil spirits and third eyes and all that. I bet they totally ended up lifting the girl in the air like Simba and anointing her while belting out .
And how lucky is Jay Electronica? Erykah Badu is not only the coolest woman on the planet, but she is Fah.Laww.Less. Flawless! I would have her baby in a milisecond.
Anyway, in honor of Earth Mother Badu's babygirl, here's a recreation of how I'm sure her birth went! Bee-do-bum-buh-way!


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