Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fashion From the 2009 Oscar: Still Going Strong(ish)

The Oscar continues as does the charade of host Hugh Jackman pretending he is totally straight. I mean, he's at least got to be bi, right? Well, I suppose that's neither here nor there. I present to you some more fashions from the evening and I will be back tomorrow with the best and the worst of the evening. And believe you me, that will be good.
And also don't you even think one bad word about my girl Marion Cotillard. That woman is flawless.
Oh snap! Beyonce just busted into "At Last". Let's pray Etta James storms the stage and rips her weave out. I mean, the Aniston/Jolie girl fight didn't go down, and that pairing would be just as good if not betterer.
HBIStreep & Craig, Daniel Craig

Phoebe Cates (who still looks 22) & Virginia Madsen

Leslie Mann & Seth Rogan and some lady person

Kate Winslet & Queen Latifah

Melissa George

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