Monday, February 23, 2009

Fashions From the Vanity Fair Oscars Partay

While the Oscars are a time to honor the best and brightest creative geniuses in the film industry with elegance and grace, the Vanity Fair afterparty is a time to let your hair down, get completely hammered and spend the whole night ranting and raving about how the Academy just doesn't get you and how it should have been you up there accepting that little a-sexual gold man. I'm almost positive that's what went down, but at least the attendees showed up with some majah swagger. Zooey Deschanel (whom I'm sure did not end up passed out on the marble bathroom floor) was a glittering goddess in a flirty little number that was easily the cutest of the evening. That girl never disappoints. Also shimmering was Kate Bosworth in this slinky little number:
She looked radiant and beautiful which was a complete shocker considering how she usually dresses. Thank God she gave the acid washed denim a night off. Anyway here are some of the other guests including Gwen Stefani who always manages to get an invite. Extra points if you can tell me why that is because I have no clue.
Naomi Watts

Jada Pinkett Smith & Patricia Clarkson

Rachel Weisz & Jessica Alba

Halle Berry & Debra Messing

Sheryl Crow & Bryce Dallas Howard

Madonna & Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Biel & Taraji P. Henson

Anna Paquin & Salma Hayek

Uma Thurman & Rashida Jones

Jon Hamm & Claire Danes

Gwen Stefani & Jessica Stroup

Ginnifer Goodwin & Kelly Lynch


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