Saturday, February 21, 2009

Go Long!

Do you remember when American Beauty came out and Mena Suvari was hot? Yeah, what happened to that? Now bitch looks like a reformed junkie turned apple pie baking housewife on a budget who works as a linebacker for the Chicago Bears in her spare time. I mean just you try and tell me there is not five cans of AquaNet all up in this picture. I could hit her over the head with one of those metal folding chairs and she would come out totally unscathed. And you want to talk about polluting the environment-I'm sure this do is single handidly burning a hole straight into our ozone layer, rapidly decreasing the amount of time before the planet emplodes.
I just honestly don't understand the meaning of this. Why on Earth would a young attractive girl do this to herself? There must be some sort of self loathing and a subconcious effort to sabatoge herself looming below the surface. And where are her friends? You think she'd have at least one person in her life who loved her enough to say "Honey no. You put those hot rollers and the hairspray down and walk towards me slowly..." I'm putting her and Joaquin Pheonix on my state of emergency list. As in they need to take a good hard look at what they're doing and do the exact opposite of that. And George W. Bush. I'm also going to go ahead and extend that advice to him as well.


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