Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey, Scott Weiland's Not Dead!

I know, shocker, right? The former STP/former Velvet Revolver frontman took the stage at Pabst Theatre last night to perform some songs from his latest solo release Happy in Galoshes. Personally I'm just pleased that he doesn't look like a sad, no shoe wearing refugee. Because that's certainly how he's been looking the last few years. In fact, thanks to his recent weight gain, he almost looks like he did back when he was still with STP. Before he got major cokeface and heroin hips. So all in all I'd say not bad. Anyway, here are some pics from last's night event, along with vintage 15 year old Mrs. M showing her love for the Weiland at one of his concerts back in the dizzle. If I ever have a kid, I just know karma's going to be suck a fucker.


Suburbia Steph said...

Wow...he IS looking better! I thought he was dead! Whoops! My bad!

Geil van Straaten said...

Ahhh!! I love the pic! There's god, I looked goofy back then.

Mrs. M. said...

no you were just so stoic! and prepared. very prepared with the backpack. i should just cut that dude with the Cake shirt right on out of there, but he's just sooooo 90's that I can't bear to.

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