Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Hottest Women Size 10 and Up

Apparently sick of FHM and Maxim's hottest bag of bones with hair lists, Nerve.com decided to compose a list of the hottest women in land who are a size ten or larger. And I must say, it's pretty right on. Adele is fantastically beautiful and Missy Elliott is undeniably sexy. The only thing I would change is bumping Sara Ramirez up to a higher spot. Probably number 3. Without a doubt the least suprising choice is Christina Hendricks as the number one pick. I don't care what anyone says, she is single handidly bringing the curvy girl back into the spotlight. Get it gurl.
Tha List
10. Keely Shaye Smith (aka Pierce Brosnan's wifey)
9. Missy Elliott
8. Janet Weiss
7. Sara Ramirez
6. Adele
5. Jennifer Hudson
4. Neko Case
3. Queen Latifah
2. Nigella Lawson
1. Christina Hendricks


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