Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Goes to Rehab

Tudors star Jonathan-Rhys Meyers has checked himself into a rehab in England in an attempt to curb his drinking problem. The substance abuse, which Meyers claims only started a few years ago when he was 25, began interferring with work related projects and functions the actor was supposed to attend. He neglected to show at the IFTAs in Dublin earlier this month where The Tudors picked up a staggering 10 awards. The day before he was allegedly spotted buying spirits in London. He also skipped out on the Oscar Wilde Awards in LA, the annual celebration of the Irish in Hollywood, which is staged just before the Academy Awards. Before filming the last series of The Tudors, producers insisted that he lay of alcohol, with his behaviour monitored by minders. "He is one of the nicest guys in the world, he's a pleasure to work with," revealed a Tudors insider. "He has his demons all right, and he's trying to cope with them as best he can. I couldn't have coped with even 2pc of what's being written about him. He is also great with children. If any kids ever come on the set he's really nice to them. He gets down and talks to them face to face and makes sure they get autographs and whatever they want. He's brilliant that way."
A friend said: "Jonny had always been on the brink of going off the rails. He had a difficult childhood and he's screwed up and wild." He later spent time in rehab in both the US and the UK.
Meyers also got into a spot of trouble when he showed up at Dublin Airport in Nov 2007 drunk off his ass. He was arrested by Gardai and charged with being drunk and in breach of the peace. In London the next day he was pictured with an early morning can of cider in his hand.
I think I speak for everyone when I say I really hope he gets the help he needs. Alcoholism is a dangerous demon, and anyone that can overcome that addiction has my respect.
And what is it about a man with demons that makes a woman want to save him? I swear I just want to swoop him up, give him a big hug and tell him that everything will be A-Ok!


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