Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just What We Need: A Clothing Line from a Dude Who Doesn't Wear Shirts.

What I am about to say pains me to my very core. Scott Weiland is releasing...a clothing line. Not a line of glass pipes or scratch resistant mirrors or unbreakable beer bottles but a clothing line. For people to wear. The new collection, which sadly hits stores this month, will offer everything from button-down dress shirts, woven jackets, vests, stripped flat-front slacks, ties and scarves, as well as t-shirts and hats with a 60's/70's feel. And some of the pieces even have Weiland's family history embroidered on the sleeve. "I had my parents get my family crest together and that's one of the icons," he says. Oh goody. Just what I have always wanted. A shirt with someone else's family emblem on it. The line, which was co-created with Rock & Roll Religion's Christopher Wicks, will range in prices from $40 to $120.
Much to my disbelief, Weiland is insistant that he has always had a love for fashion (hasn't everyone nowadamndays?) telling Spin magazine "I've always been interested in fashion -- it's a valid art form. And as I've gotten older, I've become more (dilusional) interested in sophistication; it lends itself to maturity without sacrificing the rock'n'roll side. After all, you can't continue to dress like you did in your early twenties -- unless you're Keith Richards."
As for Weiland's "personal tastes", he credits sharp dressed men like Dylan and Bowie for influencing his style. "When I was a kid, it was the Rolling Stones and the Beatles and David Bowie," he says of his fashion icons. "Even when Bob Dylan was young, he just looked amazing. But somewhere along the way rock lost its elegance." Yeah, I'm um, I'm pretty sure that was somewhere around the time that rock stars suddenly thought they were Alexander McQueen.
So what do you think readers? Would you buy the Weiland's line?

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