Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Justin Timberlake in March's U.S. GQ

I don't have anything against Justin Timberlake per se. His music is fine and he does have style. It's just...well...I'm sort of sick of seeing him. Everywhere you go he seems to be haunting you with that cheeserific grin that appears to be saying "see? I'm a nice guy. And I'm funny too. So what if I have a personal assistant? I'm still just your average Joe with a phat bank account that loves his momma and hangs with Timbaland. Nothing special to see here, so move along! Wait, no! What are you doing? I didn't actually mean move along. I was just saying that to seem humble. Please come back. We can go get a philly cheese steak and talk about the Lakers. And how they like, won the...Superbowl?"
Yes, there is just something about Timberlake that is both likable and annoying all at the same time. Nevertheless, here's an editorial of the singer in the March issue of U.S. GQ. You know, the issue in which he is name the most sharp dressed man in America.


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