Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lesbians, You Better Watch Your Women

Don't worry, hell has not frozen over (at least to my knowledge). But there must be some sort of cosmic fuckery going on. How else can you explain Rosie O'Donnell wearing a skirt? (Jesus that sentence sounds so unatural). The menopause must really be doing a number on our little lessie. Next thing you know she'll be blogging about baking a pie and crying during "Beaches". And other stuff women usually do. What do women usually do? Normal women I mean. If I'm to believe the television I suppose they go to clubs and sit around in a circle talking about birth control and the side effects that Yaz has on their asses. Or eat yogurt and chat about digestive problems. Or discuss how much better antibacterial Lisol is better than the leading brand and how it doesn't poison their babies. God tv makes our asses look lame. I have never, ever, not even one time told a friend that she should tell her doctor immediately if she has high cholesterol, kidney disease or hypertension, as these symptoms may worsen as a result of their birth control. But hey, maybe I should start. So, you know, if you have a blot clot or cirrhosis of the liver, don't take Yaz ladies. I'm just looking out.


Suburbia Steph said...

Yeah, let's talk about that high fiber active cultured yogurt I've been eating and the wonders it's done for my gastro-tract!


Who the hell talks about that shizz?

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