Saturday, February 21, 2009

Martha Stewart's Ode to Pot

Somehow the following news does not suprise me: This Monday's Martha Stewart show will be dedicated entirely to pot, says Entertainment Weekly. Her co-host for the show will be Jimmy Fallon which makes sense considering the fact that you have to be stoned off your ass to find him funny in any way shape or form. Although the duo will not be discussing the sweet, sweet cheeba, they will be talking about everything from pot bellied pigs to plant potters to Crock Pots. Now you may not consider that too exciting, but personally I have never met a stoner who didn't like pigs (the four legged kind that is), botany and slow roasted food.
Although the show does sound appealing to stoners and slackers the world over, raise your hand if you think Snoop Dogg or Tommy Chong would have made a far more fitting host.


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